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Callarama Sets The Standard For Animated Choreography

-compare to WinHash or Caller's Angels-

With currently more than 35,000 animations MS thru A-2, Callarama offers far more value than any other animated program. No software can be 100% complete, but I keep expanding the repertoire and provide free Upgrades to all users.

Get Version 1.26  -ready for Windows 8.1 & 10 Tablets

Callarama on Mac?  -see here-

Callarama runs on all Windows systems from Windows 95 to Vista and Windows 10 (see note). Download the Demo, and you will be assured that the full program will work fine on your computer.

   Auch für deutsche Spracherkennungssoftware

      Now with dancers in 3D

Coming soon: The all new Callarama 2

Download the full functioning Preview

This new software is still in development. Unfortunately, errors have been found in previous downloads. Please run this download again if your installation predates 11/16/2017

If you find anything wrong, please email support@callarama.com and it will be fixed.


Callarama Features
  • 4-Couple Square and 6-Couple Rectangle ("Hexagon") simulation with calls MS through A-2 (MS/PLUS in Rectangle). Currently included are 35,000+ Animations, 500+ Formations and 650+ Calls. Manual Call feature allows to insert and reuse any call or move that is not already provided.
  • Chose any start formation, arrangement and sequence. All possible FASR's are available and their status will be automatically analyzed in each step of your routine. Callarama displays the 8 dancers in a symmetric Square in more than 40,000 different configurations. It also shows the CRaMS station where applicable. A great tool for the beginning caller or the curious expert.
  • Graphic call label display automatically highlights all available calls for the current formation, arrangement and active dancer selection. You can pick calls by clicking on a label, by typing into your keyboard or by selecting from a conventional scroll list. Keyboard shortcuts can be customized.
  • Optional Voice Recognition Module lets you call to the Callarama Dance Floor with your Microphone. Please review the Voice Help Text for requirements.
  • The Display can be enlarged (scaled) to better fit into your monitor or for users with sight impediments. A simpler display with reduced functions is provided for Touchscreen Tablets (Windows 8.1) and for first-time users.
  • Your routine will be automatically recorded as a Module that can be played forward and backward with full animation. You can save and print modules. You can insert/remove calls, append other routines or reverse engineer a module by calling backwards from the desired end formation/arrangement -a great tool for creating Get-Outs and advanced Singing Call routines.
  • With Text to Speech, calls can be heard when you play a module or when you enter commands from your keyboard. This feature uses the settings of the speech engine on your computer.
  • Beat Counter adds up the steps at each point of your routine -important for Singing Calls. You can set the speed in a wide range and calibrate the speed dial so it refelcts accurate BPM's on your computer.
  • Combi Call feature allows you to give 2 different calls to 2 different sets of active dancers and/or fractionalize calls.
  • Callarama includes Asymmetric Calling, following Hal Barnes' fundamental textbook on "ASYMMETRIC MECHANICS". An Introduction to these features is available for download.
  • Perfect animation and flow have been created by macros that automatically find the path for dancers. These and all the other tools that have been used to generate calls and formations are available to you in built-in Call and Formation Editors where you can develop and save customized calls of your own.
  • Choreo Player offers 1000+ prerecorded modules and routines to study and play with. All call variations are fully functional for you to use in Callarama.
  • Practise sight calling in 6 levels of difficulty and check yourself by switching to normal view any time. Or click for a random FASR and test your resolution skills. Special call labels will light up when it is appropriate to resolve.
  • Callarama Tutor is an additional display where you can easily view all variations of a call without having to employ choreography.

- Download The Free Demo Here -

System Requirements:

      Callarama runs on any PC with Windows 95 or higher, including Vista and Windows 8.1 *)

  • Can be used on Mac  -see here-

  • Requires screen resolution of  800 x 600  (1024 x 600 for optional 'Wide Screen' where all call labels MS thru A2 are displayed simultaneously). On notebooks with slightly less than 600 dpi an adjustment can be made to fit Callarama into the screen.

  • Activation required

*) Notice for Vista and Windows 8 users: Depending on your security settings it may be necessary to manually set Callarama files to be run as administrator and/or set permissions to modify the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Callarama\Callbase.dat. Find the Callarama folder, right-click to display properties and make adjustments.


Buy Callarama Professional for $149.00 *)

*) includes email activation, standard shipping of program hardcopy and free upgrades within the scope of this edition

Please check out the Demo before you buy!  Due to the nature of this product there will be no returns.

Order online securely through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.  Your payment data will not be shared. Just click the "Buy Now" button and proceed.

Before ordering online through the button below, please download the free Demo, start it on your computer and click "Online Purchase" on the start screen. Enter the 9-character code that shows there. You will receive a key that activates your Demo as a full Callarama Pro installation.

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Activate Voice Recognition for $39.00 *)

Please note: If your Callarama Demo or Pro  version is lower than 1.23, apply the free Upgrade before you test voice recognition and purchase activation.

Please review the Voice Help Text about additional hardware and software requirements. You can test Voice Recognition in the Demo, in a free Try-Out or in Callarama Pro before you get it activated. Please make sure that it works for you before you buy activation. The activation fee is not refundable!

Please enter the code that shows when you start Voice Recognition from Callarama. Or enter the serial number that is written on your CD.

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Callarama -a Panorama of Square Dance Calls

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