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This is more than a Demo:

Callarama BASIC includes the new, free CHOREO PLAYER with thousands of animated, easy to use dance routines

It also includes the free TUTOR where dancers can study square dance calls MS thru A2 easily and without having to manage choreography

CALLERS can review all Callarama features and use all calls in basic formations

You can receive a limited-time FULL VERSION Try-Out of Callarama (click option when Demo starts on your computer).

This is the latest Version 1.26 with improved VOICE RECOGNITION and support of German language settings

You can test Voice Recognition fully within the limits of the Demo and without limits in the free Try-Out

Click download and follow instructions to run or save the file on your computer. Dbl.click saved file to install Demo.

see Norton Safe Web to confirm that this download is safe

Callarama runs on any PC with Windows 95 or higher, including Windows 10 *)

It can also be used on Mac  -see here-

Download Callarama (6.5 MB)

If you have an installation problem or any questions, please contact


Notice: An Antivirus program may consider this download as unsafe. I cannot deal with the many providers that exist, but I have received confirmation from Norton (Symantec) that the file is safe and will be exempted in the most recent Norton Live Update. If you have doubts, please contact  support@callarama.com. I can send you a packaged file if  necessary.

By downloading the Demo, you will have verified that the full CALLARAMA PRO version will work on your computer without a problem and without further installation. Just click the "Online Purchase" button on the startup screen, and enter the code when you Order from this website. You will receive activation by email, and the program CD will be shipped without additional charge.

*) Notice for Vista and Windows 7/8 users: Depending on your security settings it may be necessary to manually set Callarama files to be run in compatibility mode and as administrator and/or set permissions to modify the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Callarama\Callbase.dat. Find the Callarama folder, right-click to display properties and make adjustments.

Callarama Screenshots

New TOUCHSCREEN display is ideal for your Windows 8.1 Tablet. With reduced features, it is easier to navigate and is recommended for first-time users of Callarama.

You can call by selecting from the list, by typing shortcuts on the keyboard and by voice.


Optional VOICE RECOGNITION lets you call to the Dance Floor with your microphone


The FULL Square Display has access to all features, including Asymmetric Calling, Manual Call mode, Reverse Calling and Combi Call mode.

It includes Call Label mode where all available calls are shown by dance program and highlighted when available for the current formation and arrangement.


Free CHOREO PLAYER has 1000+ animated routines in an easy display that can be used as a standalone or together with Callarama

-this is a cooperation with publishers of Square Dance Choreography who can link from their websites directly to the Choreo Player, showcasing their work-


TUTOR FOR DANCERS is now included in the free Basic version


RECTANGLE Display has 6-Couple dancing (sometimes called "Hexagon")


HELP is integrated into the program and displays a specific topic where indicated by


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Callarama -a Panorama of Square Dance Calls

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