Square Dance Simulator for Windows

By Reinhold Roedig


Edition 1 Users

Information for licensed Users of Callarama Version 1.0 to 1.26

Your Callarama Edition will no longer be updated. The latest Version is 1.26, and you can still upgrade to this version. New activations will, however, no longer be issued.

Upgrade to the old Callarama Version 1.26

If you transition to the New Callarama 2, you will get it activated on computers where you currently have the old one installed, and your previous payments will be credited. For example, if you paid $149.00 on 01/15/2017, the $10.00 fee for new device activations will be waived until 01/15/2020. If you also paid $39.00 for voice recognition, you are good for 4 more new activations after 01/15/2020.

To transition, please run the Callarama 2 Download. It will be installed in a separate folder---you can still use your old version after the download.

Select "INFO" in the new Callarama and send the activation code to

Do not make a payment at this time!

To copy saved material from your old Callarama, use "TOOLS/Import from Database" in the new Callarama.