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Libraries for Speech Recognition with Voice 2

Use this file to restore the original list of alias names that improve voice recognition. Save the Text File to Disk and open it with "Files/Import..." on the Callarama Menu.

Default Alias for Version 1.22 and higher


Valuable Advice from Jim Mayo

An article about how to use choreography software, as published in American Square Dance Magazine (PDF 26 KB)


The Asymmetric Calling Tutorial

Asymmetric calling features in Callarama have been developed in cooperation with Hal Barnes, based on his recently revised textbook  Asymmetric Mechanics 2   which can be downloaded for free from  www.halbarnes.com  (look for "Caller Corner" on this website).

As an introduction to asymmetric calling with Callarama, Hal has contributed these 2 papers that can be downloaded:

Guided Tour 1  -PDF (400 KB)

Guided Tour 2  -PDF (5.35 MB)

The Hal Barnes choreo collection in Callarama has been updated to complement the revised textbook.

Thank you, Hal, for your support and for this wonderful material!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Callarama.Net?

    Callarama.Net (in Callarama Version 1.26 and higher) connects 2 or more Callarama users through an internet server and allows them to ‘call’ to a square that is synchronized in all participating applications. It can simulate the situation where 2 or more callers alternate giving commands to a set of real dancers.

    Participating computers must be connected to the internet. Callarama.Net uses the Microsoft Inet libraries to transmit the commands that are given to the Callarama application by voice, mouse or keyboard entry in code. Security and antivirus features may identify this connection as suspicious. It may be necessary to manually unblock the feature on a participating computer. There is no tangible risk because Callarama transmits and accepts only very short strings of code.

    In order to communicate verbally and visually, participating callers must use a separate communication method such as telephone or Skype.

  • Can I use Callarama on a Mac?

    Yes, if you install a program that supports Windows. I have been informed of excellent results running Callarama and other Windows-based Square Dance Programs with the Parallels 6 Desktop.
  • Callarama Does Not Fit Into My Monitor Or Notebook

    The program requires a screen resolution of 800 by 600 or larger. 1024 by 768 is recommended and required in order to use the Rectangle display and the large screen option where all call labels MS through A 2 are displayed.

    On a Notebook or MacBook the vertical space may be limited, and the Callarama window may be clipped like this:

    Solution A: Make sure, the size of text and icons in "Control Panel/Ease of Access" is set to 100%. If possible, increase your screen resolution (right-click on an empty spot on your screen, select "Properties" and in the "Settings" tab move the slider to 1024 by 768 or higher).

    Solution B:  On a Notebook/MacBook or if you want to keep the 600 vertical resolution, auto-hide the task bar (right-click on the green "Start" button, select "Properties", and in the "Taskbar" tab select "Auto-hide").

    In Version 1.11 and higher, you can move the Callarama window to a somewhat higher position that allows you to access the features at the bottom. This does not work on Windows 7 or higher. Select "Screen" from the Callarama menu and follow instructions. Please download the Demo and check out how this works on your notebook.

  • Can I Use Callarama With A Common Database On A Network?

    This question has been asked by users who want to create custom modules etc. and access them from different computers on a network. This can be set up as follows:

    Install the full program on both computers. Decide where to maintain the file "C:\Program Files\Callarama\Callbase.dat" as the database that will be commonly used (it can also be in a 3d location, e.g. a server). Whenever the program starts on one of the computers it will revert to the local "Callbase.dat" file to verify the license. If the designated database is somewhere else, go to "File/Open" on the menu and switch. The local "Callbase.dat" file must stay in place because you cannot start the program without it.


Links To Other Choreography Resources On The Web

   http://www.dosado.com  (Palomino/Hanhurst) Your source of music and print. Thanks for providing material for the Callarama Choreo Collection. You can purchase Callarama from Palomino.

   http://www.ceder.net/  Vic Ceder's bottomless supply of choreography and other Square Dance information. One of the few places where you find 6-Couple (Rectangle) routines.

   www.andyshore.com  Thanks to Andy Shore for letting us include his 500 Singing Calls in our Choreo Collection. For more material, visit his website!

   www.square-dancing-deutsch.de  German language website of Rudi Mennes -he taught us to dance in 1978 and has always been a good friend.

   www.squaredancing.com  Extensive collection of resources and links


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