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Callarama currently offers 650+ calls, 500+ formations and 35,000+ animations. If you find a mistake or miss a call that should be included in this edition (MS thru A2), please let me know! I keep working to improve the software and supply additional calls and formations. Upgrades within the scope of this edition will be posted here for free downloading.

Please e-mail  Support@Callarama.com            

To view the Callarama Help File, FAQ's and other resources go here

Upgrade to Version 1.26 with advanced features for managing and printing saved routines. Also includes a library of modules ready to insert in your calling routines

New Callarama.Net provides a platform for shared calling over the internet

Please note: The keyboard shortcuts for selecting actives have been extended. Click the little "A" label below the dance floor to see the new list of shortcuts.

Please upgrade if your current version is lower than 1.26

Download Callarama PRO Upgrade (4.0 MB)

If you are upgrading from an older version, please note these features that have been included since Version 1.23:

  • This version includes a new 2-Couple calling mode (look for the "2CP" button above the module list).
  • A family of "2+6" formations has been added with numerous animations that allow unusual choreography from Tag, Diamond and Hourglass formations.

  • The 6-Couple ("Rectangle") display has been redesigned, and A1 and A2 calls have been added to this display.
  • A simplified display with reduced functions for use on a Touch-Screen Tablet with Windows 81. and for the first-time user.
  • Dancers can be shown as checkers or in 3D, either in the Callarama display or in a separate window.
  • You can insert calls directly into a module or remove them.
  • Manual Calls will be saved for future use.
  • Support for German Language Voice Recognition software has been improved. Callarama will automatically select English or German, depending on your language settings.
  • Before using Voice, please review the hardware and software requirements. You can obtain the license for unlimited use of this supplement here. Please make sure that Voice works for you before you buy. The license fee is not refundable.
  • New Mini-Modules in Voice allow you to better adapt to your calling style and even create new calls from existing ones.
  • The method of specifying active dancers has been further improved in this version. "Smart Calls" will automatically set actives when there is a logical choice for the current call and formation. For instance, you can "call"

    "Heads Square Thru - * Swing Thru - Boys Run - * Ferris Wheel - *Pass Thru - * Allemande Left"

    without changing active dancers at the points marked with *.
  • Callarama and Voice windows can be enlarged (scaled) to better fit your monitor or for users with sight impediments.
  • See the fully revised Help text in Callarama or here for more information.

Thanks to all users who have pointed out problems that have been fixed! This version includes all previous upgrades.

Notice to owners of  Version 1.0 (delivered before 07/15/2004): Please contact support@callarama.com and request a free replacement disk (please include the serial number from your original disk)!

*) Notice for Vista and Windows 7/8 users: Depending on your security settings it may be necessary to manually set Callarama files to be run as administrator and/or set permissions to modify the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Callarama\Callbase.dat. Find the Callarama folder, right-click to display properties and make adjustments.

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