Square Dance Simulator for Windows

By Reinhold Roedig


Use Callarama FREE

Download Callarama and use it FREE for a wide range of Square Dance related explorations. Most features can be used without activation, with only these exceptions:

Some examples of FREE features for Dancers and Callers:

You can study calls as in Taminations, with unlimited sequencing.

  • Using the "Intro" or "List" layout, select calls from the list and move the slider to watch each animation.
  • Play the sequence of calls forward and back at a selected speed.
  • Use checkers or 3D in customized colors
  • Copy and paste pictures of the dance floor
  • Click "HELP" to see Callerlab Definitions for calls BS through A2

Callers can practice calling to the virtual Square with voice and without limitation. Activation is required only to record longer routines and save them.

Study the mechanics of Square Dancing on many hundreds of formations, analyzing Arrangement, Sequence and Partner Affiliation (FASR)

Explore thousands of sample routines from the Callarama Choreo Collection. If you activate Speech and run a routine, Callarama will actually call to you!

You can request a 30-Day Try-Out of the fully activated Callarama. Select "INFO" in your Callarama window and send the code to