Square Dance Simulator for Windows

By Reinhold Roedig


Help and Resources

Download the Callarama Help file for easy viewing and navigation.


To restore the default voice settings (voice alias, patter phrases and voice modules) on your Callarama 2, download CallaramaVoiceDefault.cfv and import this file, using Tools/Import/Voice File.


Every user should read this piece of advice from Jim Mayo.


Tutorials on how to learn with Callarama:

Tutorial 1: Know the Outcome

Tutorial 2: Managing the Call Repertoire

How Flow is evaluated in Callarama


Asymmetric Calling has been developed in cooperation with Hal Barnes, based on his recently revised textbook "Asymmetric Mechanics 2" which can be downloaded free from (look for "Caller Corner" on this website).

As an introduction to asymmetric calling with Callarama, Hal has contributed these 2 papers:

Guided Tour 1 - PDF (400 KB)

Guided Tour 2 - PDF (5.35 MB)

The Hal Barnes Choreo Collection in Callarama has been updated to complement the revised textbook. Thank you, Hal, for your support and for this wonderful material!

Frequently Asked Questions