Square Dance Simulator for Windows

By Reinhold Roedig


Make a Payment

Callarama pricing has been modified in order to allow easier access for new callers or for those who are not sure for how long they might use the software.

$65.00 is the entry price, with activation for 1 year. After this, a renewal is $45.00 for the following year. After 3 uninterrupted years (a total of $155.00), the license will be forever. You can also make a one-time payment of $149.00.

This includes Voice Recognition and Free Upgrades for the life-time of the Callarama 2 edition.

During the first 3 years, activations on additional devices that are owned and operated by the user are free. After that, there will be an activation fee of $10.00 for each new activation (e.g. replacement of a previously licensed device).

Please select a payment option from the list below and enter the code from "INFO" in your Callarama window (scroll down to see all options in the list):

Thanks for your payment.

A receipt with your activation key will be sent by email from Please allow up to 24 hrs. for the response.