Square Dance Simulator for Windows

By Reinhold Roedig


Callarama for Caller Coaches and Teachers

Callarama is already a valuable tool for the Caller School, and more features will be added in the new edition.

Formation Awareness

Display all standard formations and many more, including asymmetric. Set Arrangement, Sequence and Affiliation of dancers (FASR) in all possible combinations.

Dancers can be displayed as icons or as figures in 3D.

The "dance floor" can appear on a separate screen or projector and can easily be copied and used in your teaching material.

Demonstrate Calls

When participants are not available to form a live Square, you can showcase calls on the screen individually, from prerecorded routines or modules and in slow motion.

For each call, the flow can be demonstrated by moving the slider under the dance floor.

Available next calls are displayed, and participants can give calls by voice.

Callarama for Students

If you are acting as a tutor or caller coach, your student(s) can receive free activation on Callarama 2 for an extended trial period. Please contact for details.

Accredited Caller Coaches receive free and unlimited activation for their personal use. Please contact

Callarama Sessions

With (available in Version 1.26 and soon available in Callarama 2), multiple users can connect their computers and share the dance floor while giving calls. A given call will be performed on all connected computers synchronously.

This can be in a classroom (students interacting with a coach) or it can be established remotely, with support from a generic communication platform such as Skype. You can use it to teach a new caller remotely or to hold an internet caller school.

In a session, only one participant (the "host") needs a fully activated Callarama. All others can use the free download.

Additional Teaching and Learning Tools will be added, such as:

Please give feedback about your experience with these features. Your comments and suggestions will be very welcome!